Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Over a Year and Still Blogging

It's been a little over a year since I published my first post.  Although the actual day of when I began telling my story passed a few weeks ago, (it was January 4Th in case you were wondering) this month marks the first anniversary of my entry into the blogging world.
As I think back to that day I am reminded of why I even thought to start this blog.  It actually makes me laugh, and here's why.  You see, this very week last year I was preparing to audition for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive that takes place in New York.  I was sure I could get in, and thought the only thing standing in my way was finding the couple thousand dollars it would take to participate.  No problem though, that was only a minor technical difficulty. I had visions of raising the necessary funds for my cause.  I was told blogging could bring certain rewards, one of them, the one I was most interested in at the time, being money.
Did I really think that in less than six months I could start a blog, gain a following, and earn enough money for a trip to New York to attend a prestigious summer intensive?  I wish I could say I was wiser than that, but the amusing thing is I had confidence that I would succeed.  It is still a mystery to me how I got that confident about my dancing abilities and my money making skills, especially since 99% of the time I doubt myself.  I wish some of that confidence had stuck around.
Anyways, the point is, anyone who blogs knows that it takes time for the average blog to take off and become known.  I don't really consider this blog as being known yet, and I've been working on it for a while, although not consistently.
Not only do I find my overly optimistic attitude humorous, I also find it interesting how much things can change in just one short year.  Last year all of my focus was on finding a job with a ballet company, while dreams of travelling all the way across the country to dance with an internationally known ballet school occupied my sleep.  Now I feel no desire for anything like that.  I'm perfectly content to dance at my local studio, or even my bedroom.
I don't blog just to earn money anymore either, not that I'm opposed to the possibility.  (I have to admit I never actually made any.)  Now I view it as a kind of therapy.  I can write about my worries, ideas, thoughts, and much more to sort though the confusion of life. It is also good practice for writing, which I've found I enjoy as a result of keeping up with this blog.
This blog never filled it's initial purpose, but very rarely does my path ever go the way I expect it to.  It doesn't matter though, because somehow I usually wind up finding the direction I'm supposed to take.  I guess life would be dull if we knew exactly how everything was supposed to turn out.


  1. Keep blogging Elizabeth! I had to chuckle at your "make money blogging" revelation. When I started Dance Advantage my goal was creating a great resource but I also reassured myself that I could put up a few ads and it would pay for the work I put into it. Ha ha!

    You and I discovered what probably just about every blogger in history had to learn the hard way: blogging to find, reach, and maintain an audience is a lot of work! I'll probably never "pay off" the debt of time, energy, and effort I've put into DA but the discoveries I've made about MYSELF along the way and the rewards of being part of the online dance community have been priceless.

    Even if it just makes you happy and nothing else, continue to add your voice!

  2. I read through your archives one evening, and I remember reading about your Bolshoi audition. You were so brave! Keep blogging! I eat up all your posts. :)