Monday, January 30, 2012

Where is Ballet Headed?

I've noticed a trend lately that saddens me.  Ballet in its purest and truest form is being seen less and less.  In other words, classical ballet is dying.
That was another problem I ran into when I aspired to have a ballet career, but didn't mention until now. I am not a contemporary dancer, yet the dancers of today must be.  Every classical ballet company has its own vast repertoire of contemporary ballets.  The school/company I just left was no different.  In fact, they were moving away from traditional story ballets at a rapid pace.  That created some difficulties for me.  I appreciate contemporary ballet and I'll watch it, but I have no interest in dancing that way.  I had teachers tell me that I was a good ballerina, but I had to be more than that.  Unfortunately for me, I wasn't.  
I do not wish to imply that there isn't room in the world for change.  That's not my view at all, but at the same time I desire to keep the old, so long as its worthy, eternally present and very much alive.  The video tapes of the great classical and romantic ballets I used to borrow from the library were what held me captive as a ten year old just starting dance class, and now the DVDs that I've collected of these same ballets continue to hold my attention.
I always sense the dance world's disapproval of people like me who prefer the ballets that originated years ago over the new ones being created today.  Again, it's not that I don't appreciate these dances, its just that  classical ballet will forever be my favorite style.  I hope the future holds a spot for this elegant and refined way of dancing.


  1. I have soo many things to say about this! I am a traditionalist at heart but I also love the creative geniuses of this century. I hope the balance stays true and that classical ballet and beyond will always exist together.

  2. I feel the SAME way. I love the old story ballets the best. I can appreciate the contemporary dances, but they just don't fill me with the same joy as the classical ones. I honestly cry when I watch Swan Lake. It's just too, too beautiful. I worry sometimes that the classical ballets won't last forever, but oh, I want them to so badly!