Friday, January 20, 2012

A Magical Night at the Theater

Last month the ballet world was in the midst of Nutcracker season.  After I decided not to be in it, I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see the show.  I had no idea that the director of my old ballet school and company would be kind enough to offer me free tickets.  I gladly accepted them.
When I called the box office to inform them what night I wanted to see the show I was given no hint as to what kind of seats I got, but I assumed that because they were free they wouldn't be the best.  In fact, I thought they would probably be somewhere in the back of one of the balconies.
When the night of the show arrived I couldn't help but feel excited for this unexpected treat.  After putting on a nice dress, adding some jewelry, and applying my make-up, I was ready to go.  My mom and younger sister came with me, and for the drive to the theater we listened to our Nutcracker C.D.
Once we were there I picked up my tickets at will call and pulled them out of the envelope.  I remember being surprised when the director offered me tickets, now I was surprised by how good the seats were.  They were the most expensive kind, orchestra seating.  I told myself that didn't mean we weren't at the back of that section, or somewhere off to the side.  Except we weren't.
 As we looked for the row letter that matched what was printed on our tickets we got closer and closer to the stage.  When we found it we were four rows back from the front.  Then the search for the right seat numbers began, and we got closer and closer to the middle.  We found ourselves with some of the best seats in the theater!
This was no small theater either.  On the first level there is orchestra seating in the front, and a slightly raised section in the back. Then there are two balconies, making a total of three levels.  As I looked up all the way to the back from where we were sitting I realized just how big the building really was.
The performance was wonderful.  I personally thought it was one of the best Nutcrackers that I've seen that company put on.  The family scene was lively and animated. The corps de ballet was perfectly together for Waltz of the Flowers.  The variations were danced by performers who weren't afraid to show their personality on stage, and it appeared to the audience that they were having a great time.
 I was pleased to read in the program that my favorite dancer in the company had been cast to dance Sugar Plum that night.  I had always watched her in awe whenever I took company class with her.  She is technically perfect, and incredibly light on her feet, yet at the same time strong and powerful. She didn't miss one spin during the coda, no matter how fast the music became.  Watching her dance was the highlight of the show.
It was an amazing night, one that I'll never forget.  I am so grateful to the director for giving me those tickets.

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  1. How magical! I know how it is when you get a gift or favor and you expect less so that it was above and beyond makes it even more special!