Monday, October 24, 2011

Rehearsal Stress

It's been too long since I've had time to write.  Life has been stressful lately.  There have been good times, but I'm kind of struggling at the moment.
Over the weekend I had my first ever rehearsal with the corps de ballet.  So many girls dream of having that opportunity, so of course I was excited to understudy Waltz of the Flowers.  That is until I failed.  I was on the side learning the dance, while the company dancers were blocking it.  I remembered every step on every count, and felt I could handle it when the director called me in.  Unfortunately I'm unpracticed in dancing with a big group, and staying in patterns as I run around from one place to the next.  I had the steps down, but I did some really stupid mistakes, like running around in a circle too many times, or cutting in front of the girl I'm supposed to be following.  I was mortified to be making such a fool of myself in front of professional dancers.
Now I'm scared to go back to rehearsal, which is kind of inconvenient since I have two scheduled for this week.  Not to mention my first snow scene rehearsal is this weekend, which is much harder than waltz.  I hope everything turns out just fine.


  1. Be positive! You're going to be great! Have faith and confidence! Make it shine sunshine:)

  2. You can do it!!! I believe in you. :) I love keeping up with your ballet journey, because your voice is so sincere and sweet. Don't be afraid to go back to rehearsal!!! This is such a great opportunity.:)

  3. I finished reading all your previous posts in one night, you write really well :) Stay confident, believe in yourself :)