Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hope for the Future

I'm so thankful for the wonderful opportunity I've been given.  I am forever in debt to those teachers that have given me a second chance at the ballet school.  Considering my circumstances, It really shouldn't be possible for me to be a ballet dancer, yet things are looking bright for the future.
It wasn't always this way, however.  I went through many months of discouragement, knowing I was not being pushed enough to reach the level of dancing I longed for.  I was frustrated, worried, and certain I would never make it in the dance world.  Now I have reason to hope again, thanks to the encouragement from my teachers.  I was told my dancing was coming along, and during last night's class my teacher said I gave her a glimpse of what was to come.
There's not a strong enough word to describe my relief because not too long ago, at the end of summer, literally nothing was working out, and I was going to call it quits.  Then I decided to give it one last final push, and I asked my teacher If she thought I would ever be good enough to audition for the company.  She believed in my abilities, and got me into some serious training.  The journey is not over, but I have already come a long way.  I'm excited to see where this path that I've chosen leads to next.


  1. i am always grateful for the teachers i have who look for the best in me, rather than the ones who told me that i would never be anything and thought it best to crush my confidence.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I just found your blog today through 'Lover of Dance XOXO.' It's really great and I love it. I really want to follow it but sadly my Google Account won't let me (it's being really annoying at the moment!)

    My Blog:

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    Izi :)

  3. Hi Izi, I actually already follow your blog and enjoy reading it! I'm glad you like mine and I hope your Google Account will let you follow it. thanks for reading!:)