Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now On To Sunday

My last post was about taking my first company class on Saturday, but the surprises of the weekend didn't stop there.
On Sunday morning I went to the first Nutcracker rehearsal of the season.  I wasn't cast in the family scene, but since I'm an understudy for the core I was told to go anyway.  I'm too short and young looking to pull off being a parent, and I calculated that the doll dance was too far along in the scene for us to reach on the first day.  Based on my inferences, I figured I wouldn't be participating, so I threw on sweat pants and quickly put my hair in a pony tail.
As the roles for the various parents were being given out, the director called me over.  I was confused, thinking to myself, certainly she doesn't plan on me being a parent.  I felt a rush of excitement when she told me to go upstairs and learn the doll part from the girls who had danced it last year.
We practiced for about twenty minutes, before heading back downstairs to show the director what we had accomplished.  I was so enthusiastic to be dancing I actually forgot I wasn't wearing dance clothes.  We went through the whole dance, and the director seemed to be genuinely impressed by our efforts.  I struck the ending pose, then realized with horror that my bangs that I had neglected to pin back had fallen in my face.  My pony-tail was a mess, and I remembered that I was in sweat pants.  I tried not to let my feeling of self-consciousness take over when we were asked to do the dance again.
I'm not sure that I'll perform doll this year, but I do hope they pick me.  I'm worried that my sloppy appearance affected my chances.  Never again will I assume that I won't be asked to do anything, and I'll always make sure I look neat.


  1. Good thinking; always dress to impress!

  2. ooo, this sounds really great! you are being noticed, for sure! :) now you know to always be ready, because you are just that good!

  3. Sounds really cool: good luck!!

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