Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Foot In The Door

Last Saturday I wasn't supposed to go to the ballet school.  I ran down anyways to drop off some paperwork and look for lost shoes, which weren't found by the way.  I also wasn't planning on looking at the bulletin board, because my Dad was waiting for me in the car out front and I didn't want to keep him sitting their for too long.
 As I walked by the board my eye caught the list of company dancers for the new season.  I was curious who'd made it, and if anyone from my class was an apprentice.  I told myself I would check it on Tuesday when I came back for class.  For whatever reason, I turned around anyways.
I scanned the names under principle dancers, soloists, corps de ballet, apprentices, understudies, and finally came to the lowest rank of all.  So low in fact that those dancers couldn't really be considered company dancers.  It was the extra dancers.  Some people from my class were picked.  I saw that the last name was very familiar, and realized it was mine!
It's nothing big, and as an extra dancer I don't even know if they'll ever need me.  It's a foot in the door though, and it shows they will at least consider me.  Maybe this time next year it will be something more, like apprentice.  It was also a complete surprise that they would give me anything at all, no matter how small, considering I've only been back at the school for three weeks now.
Hopefully they will use me on stage for some small part, and this will lead to one day getting into the company.

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