Monday, August 15, 2011

Going Back

I promised to share what happened after my teacher sent me on a mission to let a company know I wanted the chance to dance.  Here it is.
I received the majority of my training from a school that's attached to one of the largest classical ballet companies in southern California.  The cost of lessons were too expensive for my family, so I was graciously given a scholarship.  I gave up the scholarship after becoming burnt out, thinking I no longer cared to dance.  I was certain that I could never show my face at that place again, nor would I want to in a million years.  How things change over the course of time.
About a year and a half ago I took up ballet again, intending to keep it as a relaxing hobby.  The teacher from this small studio informed that I could still go pro if I wanted.  That did it for me.  The passion to dance had been rekindled.
One day I decided to try an adult class at my former school, the place where I had irrationally assumed every teacher hated me because of my decision to quit.  I was pleased when the reaction to my arrival was different than I'd anticipated.  The teacher of the adult class remembered me and was happy to see me back.
It's a good thing too, because this is the company my other teacher wanted me to go after. It wasn't all her idea though.  I also longed to be a part of their company.
So a few weeks ago I approached the teacher from my old school.  I asked her if she thought I would eventually be good enough to audition for the company.  Her response left me relieved and surprised.  Rather than laugh in my face, (not that she would have, but when you're me you always fear the worst) she almost sounded excited as she told me it was a definite possibility.
She wanted me to set up an appointment with the director after I attended their nutcracker audition.  So I was all set to wait a few weeks for the day of the audition before taking the next step of talking to the director. That is until yesterday.  I went to the adult class again and my teacher came up to me to tell me she had informed the director of my interest in joining the company.  I was to find her after class and set up a time to meet and discuss future plans.
I was scared, but I knew it's what I had to do.  After waiting for her to finish getting fit for new shoes, I followed her down the hall.  She started to head up the stairs to her office.  I timidly said her name, and without turning around she replied, "Yes."  She also remembered me, and it was this woman who gave me the wonderful gift of free ballet lessons.  It feels like forever ago!
We had a short conversation about me coming back to the school to train in the higher levels.  She told me they select new dancers for the company from the school.  I was just about to reach that level when I quit almost four years ago.
 So today I'm going full circle.  I'm taking a level six class with the serious students this afternoon.  It's kind of funny how that's the level I ended at.  Honestly, this return is the exact thing I've been wishing for but haven't mentioned to many people.  I knew being there would guarantee the kind of training I've been searching for.  I never thought it was actually possible though.
My teacher told me I would be company ready after taking class with school for a while.  This time I'm not going to let this opportunity slip from my grasp, and I'm going to work as hard as I can to show the world I was meant to dance.


  1. Good for you, and good luck!

  2. WOW just foumd this blog amd you go girl! This is soo inspiring! You are an amazing person and im certain a beautiful dancer. Thanks so much for sharing your story :) I wish you all the best!

  3. Thank you Julie! I appreciate your kind and encouraging words, and I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks for reading!