Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Class Back

I did it.  The first day is over.  Now on to the second.
But before moving to my next class today I want to relive yesterday afternoon.  I arrived early, giving me time to sit in the dressing room and allow forgotten memories to resurface.  Music drifted through the walls, accompanied by the faint voices of teachers giving corrections.  Girls started to arrive for class, excited to see each other.  They chatted about the day, most of them still in high school and concerned with teenage issues.  I was reminded how behind I am, but for once wasn't discouraged.  I'm finally in the right place to catch up, which is the first time I've been able to say that for years.
The class went well.  I almost felt like I'd never left.  The teacher didn't wait for students to catch on to combinations.  She started the music after explaining it once, whether you knew it or not.  She was serious with her advice on how to fix our problems with technique, and openly showed her disapproval in our silly mistakes.  This strict approach is what I remember, and what I need.  I was getting too advanced at my other studio.  The students wouldn't understand a combination and we'd go over it numerous times.  I'd usually figure it out long before anyone else.
The class yesterday pushed me to reach beyond my present capabilities, but not enormously so.  It was a stretch, but a necessary one to reach my goal.  These challenges are an answer to prayer, as strange as that sounds.  
My teacher told me to keep coming so I can continue to build strength, informing me that I'm doing fine but I need to get stronger.
Today I'll have the director as my teacher.  I'm excited, but a little nervous as well.  I hope she also believes that one day I'll be able to join her company.

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