Friday, August 12, 2011

Going After a Dream

One of my deepest desires is to make a living off of my dancing.  The path is hard, the pay is little.  I'm not sure if  non-dancers understand how difficult it is to rise above the competition, get noticed, and offered a job.  There are sore days, blood, sweat, blisters, and many rejections, while never ceasing to attain perfect technique.  Yet dancers everywhere love what they do.
For whatever reason I waited months just waiting for an opportunity to fall into my lap.  Then one day I had a revelation.  Hey, why not take action!  Go looking for a job!  What a concept!
The idea didn't occur to me sooner because I thought I wasn't good enough.  My discouragement caused me to open up to one of my teachers.  I told her how desperate I was, and how I felt as if all my hard work wasn't getting me where I wanted.
She advised me to make my presence known to a certain company, and informed me that I don't need to wait, I'm ready right now.  The next step in my journey however, would require me to act against my quiet nature.  I had to approach the people in charge and let them know I was interested.  I won't divulge anything else today, but in my next post I'll share the ironic, but hopeful and joyfully received, situation I've found myself in.


  1. Oh I am so excited to hear more!

  2. It's so true that non-dancers don't know anything about the dance world. I had a friend that asked me why pointe was such a big deal, it was just twirling around on your toes- to her!

  3. Pointe is definitely more than twirling around on your toes! I wish more people understood how difficult ballet is. Some do, but not enough