Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeling Lost

I already mentioned and explained the reason for my break from ballet in my other blog, "The Healthy Ballerina."  Unlike that one, which is more informative, this blog is like a journal.  It's time to admit how I really feel about the situation.
It's as though I've lost my identity.  Dancing is a part of me.  My day usually goes better when it starts out with hard work and sweat.  I have a more positive attitude, and the challenge of trying to improve in my beloved athletic art form gives me a sense of accomplishment.
I must sound like the world's biggest drama queen right now.  This is only my second day off the dance floor, and my break won't last longer than two weeks.  It's pathetic to be this upset. 
I must remember dancing is not all that I am.  It's true when I said it's a part of me, and a big part at that.  However, there's more to life than dancing, and more to me as well.  I'll use this break to my advantage.  My body needs it and will thank me.  In theory, my technique and strength should improve upon my return, and I can use this time to re-evaluate my training schedule.  I can also engage in other activities I enjoy.  I'll sketch, re-learn how to paint with oils, practice piano, write articles for the Internet and posts for my blogs, and just enjoy some quiet time in the morning to read and relax.  As I said before, there's more to me than dance.


  1. Sometimes it's so hard for me to get in that mindset... that there's more to me then dance :/

  2. I know what you mean Chloey:( too often I define myself by how well my dancing is going, or how much I'm improving. Many times I fail to remember there's more to life than dance, but it's important to remember that because i think it makes dancing better in the long run.