Monday, July 18, 2011

My New Gaynor Mindens

I never thought I would be a Gaynor Minden wearer.  But a trip to Discount Dance Supply on Saturday afternoon brought this unexpected change. 
For those that don't know, Gaynor Minden is the cutting edge of technology in the pointe shoe business.  Gaynor Mindens are designed to not break in, eliminating that dreaded and painful process.  The way they feel in the store is they way they'll stay forever.  You can dance with freedom in these shoes from the start!  They are also infinitely more comfortable than the traditional pointe shoe.  I always heard that about them, but was shocked at how much of a difference there really is the first time I stepped on pointe in them.  They also last a lot longer than the typical shoe.  Yet another plus, is the urethane foam that makes these shoes impact-absorbing.  Not only is this better for your feet when landing a jump, but it's also quieter than the normal shoe.
You may be wondering, why the hesitation?  If they're so great, how come I never thought I'd try them?  Well there's been rumors that Gaynor Mindens are cheater shoes.  They supposedly do some of the work for you.  I asked the fitter about this and she told me that because I didn't start out with these shoes I already had enough training to understand how to properly work my feet.  It's the beginners that shouldn't wear them I guess.  I decided, why not?  I'll treat myself to these high-tech shoes, then I can always go back to the more traditional approach. 

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