Friday, June 1, 2012

Ballerinas Aren't Supposed To Turn In

      Remember my post about how the inner ballerina never dies, regardless of whether the dancer is still dancing or not?  I proved that yesterday at my doctor appointment.  I wanted his help for a running injury, but as usual ballet followed me.
     To test for pain the doctor gently moved my leg through various positions.  At one point he grabbed my knee, turned my leg in, and started to push it towards me.
     "What's wrong?" he suddenly asked, taking me by surprise.  "You just made a face."
     I felt no pain, not even the slightest bit of physical discomfort, but I was still cringing inwardly.  Apparently though, I had let my emotions slip out and show on my face, which I was completely unaware of until he pointed it out to me.
     "Now what am I supposed to say?" I wondered to myself.  "How is he going to understand that I'm a ballerina and I'm not supposed to turn in?  He's going to think I'm crazy!"
     I explained as best I could (while feeling a little ridiculous) that I felt no pain, but as a ballet dancer I never turn in.  It just felt wrong.  Luckily for me he was professional enough to keep any comments to himself.  Although he did tease me when he pushed me leg in a turned out position, saying something like, "Is this more natural for you?"
     Later on he asked me to jump up and land without bending my knees.  After my first attempt I thought I had done what he wanted, until he said to do it again, this time without landing on my toes first.  Whoops.
     It's great to know that I carry my ballet training with me; however, next time I'm doing something un-balletic I'm going to try to refrain from making any unflattering faces.


  1. haha! this is fantastic! being a dancer myself, I can completely relate to the feeling :)