Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back To Blogging

Many school-age bloggers have no choice but to abandon their blogs during the school year, then devote themselves to writing as many posts as they can during summer, winter, and any other breaks. I am one of those bloggers. I understand how school can steal precious time, which leaves few opportunities for anything else. I wonder if other bloggers feel as pained as I do whenever I remember my neglected blog, with its latest post being two or three months ago.

But I made it to summer, have a few months away from college, and hopefully will be able to write more often. I have carefully thought about what direction to take this blog, wondering if I should change the name, the look, or even the entire nature of what I've already created.

Those considerations came about as a result of my recent shift in focus. I still love ballet, but I haven't danced in a month and a half. This is because I have a new desire to run, and not just run, but train for a half-marathon. Dancing may limit how hard I can train for a marathon because my body probably can't handle intense running in the morning and dance class in the afternoon. Realizing this, I must step away from the barre, at least until I've decided I've done enough serious running. At this point I can't imagine ever completely giving up running, so my return to dance will be accompanied by less vigorous running.

This change led me to believe I no longer qualified as a ballerina, therefore my blog just couldn't stay the same. I was told differently by someone else, however. She said I'm still a ballerina, and this is still my journey. Of course I loved being referred to as a ballerina, but did I truly deserve it? Then I remembered the general idea I've gotten from reading numerous ballet-related sources, which is, once a dancer always a dancer. You just can't get rid of what you've learned from ballet, whether that'd be keeping perfect posture or properly handling life's disappointments. I constantly remind myself to stand up taller. Sometimes when I'm sitting at a table or desk I'll find myself pointing my toes. Ballet has been ingrained in me, and although I'm taking a little break, I'm still a dancer inside.


  1. You will always be a ballerina! Good luck with your running, I hear it is a very rewarding pursuit.

  2. Thank-you! I will be sure to write about how my running is going, and yes it has been very rewarding so far.