Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Too Much, Too Soon

Dancing is what I know, understand, and am familiar with. I'm not a professional, but I feel like I have some expertise in the studio. As for running, I'm a complete novice. Basically starting from scratch, I began to research how one should train for events. I was fascinated by what I learned, and excitedly planned my training schedule. Then, just as enthusiastically, I carried it out.
Unfortunately, I may have been a little too excited. I added more miles to my runs than my legs could handle. My muscles are ballet strong, but have yet to adapt to the stress of running. Increasing my mileage prematurely may be what's responsible for an injury I'm currently dealing with. Whatever the reason, it has been debilitating enough to temporarily halt my training. I've heard this is a common occurrence among beginning runners, but I'm still upset.
The source of my pain comes from my left hip flexor whenever I run or lift my leg. I refrained from any training and exercising to give my leg a chance to recover, but the end of my rest and the start of my running brought it back immediately. I'm desperate to find a way to run again, so I made an appointment with a doctor who specializes in running injuries. I'm placing all my hopes on him being able to find out how to treat this injury and help me prevent it from happening again. I long to return to my training, this time the right way.

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