Thursday, March 1, 2012


I miss blogging.  Since the new semester started school has taken up more time than I thought it would, and although I have been enjoying it, I wish it wouldn't affect my blog.
In spite of that I'm still pretty happy.  Now that I've distanced myself from the path of trying to be a professional ballet dancer I've been working on my new life to determine what I want from it.
Ballet is still present in this new life of mine, but in a very different, less stressful way.  Dancing for fun has been a liberating experience, and I've been practicing at home in my spacious bedroom.  I've had a great time setting goals and planning my own training routine that will enable me to reach those goals.
Being exposed to horses once again has also made me joyful beyond words.  I can think of few other things that fill me with as much excitement, but at the same time giving me a peaceful, quiet contentment, as being on the back of a horse.  It was how I felt when I went on my first trail ride as a twelve year old, and it is how I feel now.
I've also been ice skating again, something I had taken up during my break from ballet.  I had to stop skating when I got myself back into serious ballet training.  Jumping and twirling on a hard, slippery service with nothing but thin blades to balance on is risking injuries, and that risk is something no aspiring ballerina should take.  I was a little disappointed that I would miss out on skating but my focus on ballet didn't give me a chance to let it bother me too much.  After I turned ballet into a fun activity I decided it would be okay to pull out my skates again.  When I went back to that freezing cold rink I tentatively stepped onto the ice.  I was rusty, but within an hour I was almost as comfortable as before I quit skating.  Being out on the ice made me remember my enjoyment of skating and how deep it actually went, and I can't wait until I get another opportunity to go back.
Things have been going pretty good for me lately, and I'm looking forward to the future.  My classes in school have been preparing me for what I want to do, which is to become a personal trainer with my own business.  Right now I'm trying to enjoy what I have in the present while not forgetting to prepare for what is ahead of me.  All in all, I'm perfectly content.


  1. I am really happy to hear from you an that you are doing well and taking ballet but revisiting other things you love, too. :) I think being a personal trainer will be perfect for you. :)

  2. its so nice to see you exploring life now that one door is slightly closed so many are opening!

    i always have it in my mind that because i am a ballet dancer i will be a great ice skater...but ireally suck at it! i can barely get around the rink without holding onto the edge!

  3. I think it's great that you're dabbling with other activities! I did ballet for five years when I was 5-10, but I quit because I wanted to focus on skating. However, after years of skating competitively, I felt like it was too stressful and getting in the way of my education. Now that I'm in college, I've gone back to dancing... not ballet this semester, though- I'm taking ballroom and doing a jazz number for the college concert. :)