Friday, March 16, 2012

Change of Attitude

The strangest thing happened to me earlier this week.  It was a busy Monday morning that didn't leave time for dancing, but I still wanted to get some exercise, so I decided to go on a walk around the block. 
A walk is usually my activity of choice when I can't dance.  I loved to power walk because I hated running.  I couldn't stand the thought of it.  I enjoy physical activity, yet I'd never be found taking a jog.  I admire the incredible shape runners are in, and realize they deserve just as much credit as ballet dancers.  This didn't meant however, that I wanted any part in it. 
Until Monday, when for no fathomable reason I felt like picking up the pace a bit during my walk.  Maybe it was the breeze, the crows cawing to each other, or simply being outside that stirred up something inside of me.  I broke out into a run that I thought would be a quick spurt, except I kept going.  It felt too good and too invigorating to stop, and I realized that I was barely fatigued.  At that moment I loved running. 
Now fast forward to today, a Friday.  The biggest storm of the season is on its way to sunny San Diego and its predicted to last from tonight until Tuesday, meaning I'll be stuck in the house for the entire weekend.  Since I had enjoyed my Monday run so much , and I won't be getting outside for a few days, I decided to go out again while I still could.  I had an even better time today.  I could feel the storm coming, which I love because it's not often that southern California has this kind of weather.  I felt full of energy as I ran through my neighborhood, up and down the hills, while listening to the birds calling out to the world, possibly announcing the coming rain, waving and giving a cheerful good mornings to the neighbors who I otherwise never get to interact with, and feeling the wind, absent of any chill because of my vigorous running, brush against my skin.  I now know the kind of experience I could have been having all these years. 
Does this mean I'm becoming a runner?  If you had asked me that question a week ago I'd say, absolutely, without a doubt, is that never, ever going to happen.  Ask me now and I'd tell you how much I've surprised myself lately, so maybe the answer would be yes. I've been learning never to be sure of the future, or even sure of yourself.  People can and do change, and my attitude towards running has turned more positive.  I'm not sure where it will take me, but why try to figure it out?  I will continue to enjoy it and see what happens.   


  1. Running can feel so liberating. Especially when you go on for much longer than you expect. Now that the weather is turning I should try to start jogging again. :)

  2. I love running in the rain too. I can be refreshing when you're super hot. I'm looking forward to running in the spring warmth and getting caught in a thunderstorm, as long as I'm not too far from home.