Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Would've Been Happy To Be Mouse, But...

 I finally received my letter yesterday about what parts I was given in the Nutcracker.   There was no room for disappointment, after reading the pleasant surprises the note contained.
 I was at school when the letter came in the mail, but my mom had it in the car when she picked me up.  I was so nervous I didn't want to open it.  I had been anxiously awaiting it's arrival for quite some time; frustrated every day it didn't show up in the mailbox.  When I finally had it in my hands I wanted to hide it somewhere without taking a peek.  It was ridiculous!  Realizing how silly I was being, I slowly tore open the envelope and carefully reached inside for the letter.  It revealed that I had been cast as a petal, an opening/closing flower, and an understudy for the corps.
 I know these are small parts, and I'm only an understudy for the corps, but that hardly squelches my enthusiasm.  All of these parts are on pointe, and I've never gotten to perform on pointe before.  I was always in ballet slippers.  This is my first year in five years that I've participated in Nutcracker, or any show actually, and I was expecting something less than this, such as mouse.  I also didn't think I had a shot at being even just an understudy for the corps, which is Waltz of the Flowers and snow scene, since I haven't been back for very long. 
 I'll feel a little nervous rehearsing with the professional dancers, but I think I'll be more excited.  It will be a great learning experience to observe how they work.     


  1. oh my goodness, congrats Elizabeth! So happy for you! A petal is pretty darn amazing in my book! I always dreamed of being a snowflake :) congrats again!