Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Am I A Dancer?

What qualifies someone as a dancer?  Is it being on stage, learning at the top school, training since you were three, having amazing technical ability, moving artistry, or faithfully attending class day after day? I used to believe it most of the above combined.
I remember the first time I unexpectedly referred to myself as a dancer to someone else. I almost wanted to take it back, assuming I was unworthy of the title. You see, in my mind I wasn't a dancer until I'd reached a certain point. That point wasn't in my grasp yet. I wouldn't be a dancer until I was incredibly skilled and performing constantly.
Once I called myself a dancer I felt the need to work extra hard to earn that status. What I didn't realize was that I was already a dancer.
Anyone who takes part in any form of dance is a dancer. Whether it's a hobby or a serious profession, you are a dancer. If you take class only once a week, but love and look forward to it, you are a dancer. If you can only practice at home, but do so anyway because you find such enjoyment out of it, you are a dancer. If you carry what you learn from the studio to the real world, you are a dancer.
I'm done trying to attain the name. I am a dancer, right here, right now.


  1. Yes!!! You most certainly are!!

  2. Yes! I loved this post, it really made me smile :)