Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost, But Not Quite Back

I was all set to step back in the studio today, but my typical life threw another unexpected problem my way.
Remember how I wore my Gaynor Mindens on Friday for the first time?  I mentioned how the right shoe caused a blister to form on the right heel.  That blister is still present today, and will keep me out of class for at least a few more days. 
Needless to say, I'm disappointed.  I longed to dive back into dancing, with my whole heart and soul.  I find the process of growing and improving, tweaking this and that, and getting better little by little to be the most rewarding part of ballet.  I desire to work and sweat again.  All though at times it's boring and repetitive, for the most part I find the constant routine of training and conditioning to be enjoyable.
I was able to do a short barre at home though.  Dancing at home gives you freedom of choice for practice clothes, so I was able to slip on socks. It's too painful to wear my ballet slipper on the blistered heel.  It grips the foot right where the blister is, and the action of pointing and flexing the foot aggravates it even more as the slipper digs deeper.
Even though I was only doing barre work this morning it still felt like I was dancing.  My love of moving my body in a graceful, purposeful way called ballet increased as a result of ceasing to do so for a while.   I also noticed my technique was solid, which is a relief after the way it was faltering.  Yes, a break really did help in more ways than one

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