Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back From a Break

Today was my first class back after a small break.  It felt great!  I was relieved to see I felt as strong as ever. 
As a bonus I made an accomplishment today.  It may seem small to those ballet dancers that I envy and who were born doing quadruple pirouettes.  But for someone like me who over thinks turns, isn't a natural at them to begin with, and generally freaks out at the mention of them, this small achievement was a good step in the right direction.  I did about twelve consecutive fouettes.  It's embarrassing to admit that's an improvement when I should already be doing thirty-two on pointe with multiples.
I've gotten over ten before when I'm practicing by myself, but today felt different because it was during class and I got to turn in time with the pianist's masterful playing.  I was right by the piano, and she was playing a section from Don Quixote.  It was the part when Kitri performs the thirty-two fouettes.  It felt amazing to confidently pull out those turns to that music. It was perfect timing to, because during my break last week I had just watched the ballet the whole way through for the first time. 
I also practiced after class in the not so empty studio.  It's easy for me to feel self conscious in front of the lingering dancers that stay for a while to stretch but it's so much fun to practice the most famous roles that I do it anyway.  Today I attempted a section of the black swan's solo, and to my pleasant surprise managed it better than I thought I would.  Of course it wasn't on pointe but that will come some day.  Hopefully.

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