Friday, December 30, 2011

A Quick Look Back

I haven't posted anything in a long time. It's not that I couldn't have spared a few minutes to give a quick update, but it's because I have been dreading what I'm going to write. I've put it off long enough though, and I'm finally going to give an update. 
First I'll recap what happened during the last half of the year. I received the majority of my training from the best ballet school in this area, but after I took a break from ballet I assumed I couldn't go back. After about a year of being back in the dance world I got up the courage to take an adult class at my old studio. One of my former teachers taught the class and was happy to see me, so I kept going back. In August I asked her is she thought I would ever be good enough to join the company, and to my delight she said yes. Suddenly I was swept back into the rigorous training program they have for the younger girls at my studio. I was overjoyed because I was receiving the kind of challenging training I needed but hadn't gotten for a long time.
Going back didn't come without its challenges though. I should mention how the first time I was at the ballet school I never fit in, and this time was no different. I was scared to put myself back into that place with people I didn't mesh with, but did anyways because I so longed to dance. I'm not quite sure how the other girls felt about me coming back, but I think there was a little resentment. Ballet is a competitive world where the threat of competition creates an unpleasant environment, but I was able to overlook that at first by only focusing on my dancing and not worrying what others thought or said.
In the first month I was back I was made an extra dancer to the professional company, was asked to join the variations class (which one can take by invitation only), and made understudy to the core for the Nutcracker. Everything was happening so fast and of course I was excited. My elusive dream was actually coming true. There was trouble ahead though, and I will continue with my story of what happened in my next post. I hope to get something up tomorrow, but if not then I will write the next phase of my journey on Monday.   

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  1. Stay strong, Elizabeth! Your story continues to amaze me.