Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Summer Fun Than I Wanted

It finally happened.  I had what I consider my first real taste of summer. It came a little late this year, but I don't mind.
My first phase of summer would seem boring to some, but I was more than happy with it.  I spent much of that time dancing and working really hard to improve my technique and stamina.  As much as I've enjoyed the challenge I was also looking forward to a little break yesterday. 
I decided to skip my regular morning dance practice in return for a trip to the beach.  I hadn't been to the beach yet, and it was nice to wake up in the morning knowing I didn't have to face any responsibilities.  I could just lounge on a blanket, while listening to the ocean waves and soaking up the sun.  I did a little too much of that last part.
I came home fried.  The backs of my legs have never been more red.  They're stiff and somewhat difficult to move.  My one day break is leading into a two day absence.  As nice as it was to relax, I wasn't planning on not dancing much longer than this.  I'm anxious to jump back into my routine.  I'm trying to remember that this unexpected break isn't going to kill me, but if tomorrow is another rest day I know I'll start to worry about losing what I've worked for. 
I shouldn't complain though, because I actually thought I would wake up this morning feeling a lot worse.  I'm not too uncomfortable considering the circumstances.  I just can't dance. 


  1. The same thing happened to me this week too! I burnt the front of my thighs and knees. It was so horrible it hurt to walk. Put some cold compresses on it and put aloevera on regularly, it really helps. I think they even make aloe with lidocane in it if it really stings.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Sorry to hear you're also suffering:( I've actually already been using aloevera, it really helps to soothe the burn doesn't it? Thats why I like it so much!