Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Room Switch

It's official.  As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in my new bedroom.  The room switch happened yesterday.  I didn't anticipate this smooth of a transition.  I thought it would take at least a week to fully move in, but I spent my first night in here last night. 
I was also relieved to see my sister getting just as excited as I was, once she finally saw that a smaller room would suit her better than she thought it would.  I wanted her to get something out of this to, and it appears she has. 
Now I'm almost done organizing.  I was so excited about getting my own space to dance, the other possibilities of what a fresh start could do didn't even cross my mind.  Not only is there enough space to create a mini studio, but it's also more put together than my previous bedroom that was considered organized when clutter was thrown in the closet where you weren't able to see it.  This move offered me the chance to do what I've been trying to accomplish for a while in my old room.  I wanted freedom from suffocation of unnecessary clutter.  I didn't want my room to filled with stuff that I never used.  A sharper distinction between what I needed, and what I should've gotten rid of but was afraid to in case I'd regret it, was formed as I transported my things.  This new beginning has already done a world of good, and not just for me.  My sister has gotten something out of it as well.  Now that I'm done writing this, I must tend to my new room and finish organizing.

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