Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Polina Semionova-My Favorite Ballerina

 If there's one dancer that defines my idea of a ballerina that woman would be Polina Semionova.  I'm not saying every ballet dancer has to be just like her, when in fact it's a good thing there are so many different types of ballerinas in the world.  It keeps things interesting.  There's a dancer for everybody's taste, and Polina just happens to be the one I'm drawn to.  She's been my favorite ballerina since I was about twelve years old.  I first saw her dance with the small, privileged company that was connected to the school I was attending at the time.  I didn't realize how lucky I was that the up and coming star was performing for us! 
Now knowing this, you can imagine my excitement when I found a performance of "Swan Lake," on DVD, starring Polina.  I immediately purchased it and wasn't disappointed.  She is stunning, as expected.  I was so inspired by her interpretation of Odette that I just had to write a review about the DVD on HubPages.  HubPages is the place where I write articles about dance related topics.  Like my blog, I'm fairly new there but I've enjoyed writing hubs.
If you're interested in viewing this production, just click on the link below.  It will take you to the same page I bought the DVD from.


  1. Polina is also my fav ballerina; she is so amazing!

  2. She is amazing! Theres so many times I wish I could be as good as she is