Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Loving Support System

I have to dedicate this post to my younger sister.  She is willing to sacrifice her room so I can have a ballet studio. 
Years ago when I moved out of our shared room, my sister owned more stuff than I did.  It was the logical choice for me to take the smaller room, and let her stay in the larger one. 
Since I've recently cut back on dance classes I've practiced ballet every morning in the living room.  This week I've come to the obvious realization that no matter how determined I am, sharing my dance space with a coffee table, pool table, chairs, and lights just doesn't work.  I was greatly increasing my risk of injury.  When I made a conscious effort to avoid that my mind wasn't able to focus on dancing, which lead to another couple of problems.  Sloppy technique and forgetting the combinations.
 My patient and supportive mom let me dance in her room.  It's definitely a step up from the living room with out furniture getting in my way, but I can't keep my portable barre propped against her dresser forever.  It's just not practical for her to live with that obstacle and put up with the not so pretty floor I use to dance on.  I can't move the barre in and out of the room every morning because the small door that leads into the hall is to narrow to squeeze it through without rotating the bottom legs.  The legs squeak annoyingly loud for that early in the morning. The floor is to hard to move on a daily basis as well, so as long as I'm dancing in my mom's room both the barre and floor are stuck in there.  My mom suggested I swap rooms with my sister and convert it into a bedroom/studio.
I felt like it wasn't fair for people to change their lives around just to make mine easier.  But knowing she had every right to refuse, I also figured I had every right to at least ask.  I made sure she knew she didn't have to if she didn't want to, but it turns out she wants to help me.  Words can't describe how appreciative I am of my generous sister.
To both my mom and my sister, thank you guys for putting up with my fears, complaints, and constant chatter about how it's not going the way I want it to.  I'm sure it's made this journey just as difficult for you as it has been for me.  I'm sorry to put you through that, but I'm so grateful for the never ending support.  Thanks for everything.


  1. :) You're welcome sis! We've got your back :) Just take care of my room ;) lol! I love you! And thank you for this post, it makes this even easier knowing it really will help you :)

  2. aw, how wonderful :) april, you sound lovely :)