Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding the Right Dance Floor

As planned, my search for mirrors began over the weekend.  We didn't find any yet, but it's no problem.  I don't want to settle for anything less than ideal, so I don't mind if we have to shop around for a while, making sure I get exactly what I need.
Speaking of shopping around, I have to do a lot of research on the Internet to find a good deal on dance floors.  It has to be suitable for ballet dancing, including pointe work, it needs to be good quality, I have to figure out the exact measurements, and on top of all that I want to find the best priced floor.
It will be a challenge made worse by my unrealistic budget.  Maybe if I find the perfect floor that's a little out of my range I'll give in and get it.  I don't think I would regret that choice once it was in my room and the possibilities of what I could practice expanded.
Right now I have a mat that was originally placed under rolling office chairs so the wheels could slide more easily.  It works for dancing, but it's a little too small.  Plus, it doesn't have the give that I need when landing from jumps that a real dance floor would provide.  So, in the end I'll probably spend more than I want to.  But like I already said, it will be worth it.

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