Friday, May 20, 2011

Making it Work

I wish I had something interesting or exciting to share, such as being hired by a company or getting to perform, but the last few months have brought the same old routine every week.  That routine is about to change with the arrival of summer. 
More than half of my dance classes take place at a community college.  With the semester coming to an end I'm about to lose most of my classes.  I don't know if I can afford to replace them with lessons at my other studio.  I'm not worried though.  I have a plan.
I'm going to continue taking ballet at my other studio two or three times a week.  Then, to stay in shape and focus on improving my weaknesses, I'll practice at home with my own barre and music.  I was forced to work this way around the same time last year, shortly after making the decision to re-enter the ballet world.  It brought frustration and dread.  Frustration because of all the technical ability I had lost during my two year absence, and dread because I hated feeling that way.  This year things are different.  Since then I've had a number of classes and teachers. My instructors have given me a wealth of advice and are the reason I've been able to witness a steady progress in my dancing.  I think I'm better equipped to practice by myself now, and it won't be quite as discouraging.  I still desperately need guidance, but I know enough to get by for however long I'm stuck in this situation.
In an effort to continually improve, I'm also planing to work out in ways that will increase my endurance and over-all body strength.  This will include strength training and aerobic activity.  I've been on  a quest to find a used exercise bike that isn't too pricey but still in good working condition. I know my stamina could soar from using one of these consistently.
I have yet to come up with the schedule and work out details, like what exercises I need to do and when.  My goal is to get in excellent shape by the end of summer so my dancing can reach it's greatest potential. 
It may not be first choice circumstances, but I've had practice in this type of scenario.  If you read my past posts that explain how I got back into ballet, you'll know what I mean.  I just have to make it work.

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  1. I know what that is like! I can only afford 3 classes per week in my studio as well, so I practice at my home barre on off days. Just be sure you find the right music! I also took to writing down all of the combos and exercises we do in class as soon as I got out of class so I can replicate them at home without forgeting anything! Good luck